The Healthiest Token
on the Binance
Smart Chain

When we invest in a token, we expect to profit. Dropping prices are the enemy. That's why Apple DAO comes packaged with a multi-faceted approach to prevent those nasty drops. All while rewarding HOLDRs regularly.

The Highest Paying Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding Protocol in Crypto

Highest Fixed APY in Crypto – 211465.20%
Automatic Staking and Compounding in Your Wallet
Get Rewards Every 30 Minutes / 48 Times Daily
Elastic Supply with No Minting Function
Auto Burn Mechanism on Every Transaction

About Apple DAO

The Defi industry has brought huge profits to investors. With Apple DAO, we can take it further. Apple DAO is here to bring you insane profits as seamlessly as possible. That's why Apple DAO gives you a gigantic APY that gets automatically distributed piece by piece to you every 30mins and automatically compounded. But huge profits come with huge risks. To alleviate profit loss risks, Apple DAO sports automatic mechanisms that help secure the safety of your investment.

ʻʻ All Apple DAO holders are rewarded with automatic
compound interest which is paid every 30 minutes. ʼʼ

How Much Can I Earn?

If you invest $1000 into Apple DAO, you can earn up to a potential $2,114,650.20 through compounded interest at an APY of 211465.20%. 

In traditional finance, such profits get reserved for those with lots of capital. DeFi allows you to stake amounts as little as $5 and begin earning interest.

How It Works?

Fail-Safe Treasury
A portion of all transaction fees gets allocated towards the treasury. The funds within are for two purposes:
1) To act as an emergency fund to raise the price if it drops too fast.

2) To provide the Apple DAO team with funds to expand and develop the project further for your benefit.
Automatic Treasury Growth
The larger the Apple DAO user base, the more profits you will gain, but the more investors are at risk if the project fails. To protect you and all investors, a portion of all transaction fees get deposited in the treasury as a fail-safe measure if the price starts dropping. The larger the user base,
the more transactions there will be, and the quicker the treasury will grow.
Automatic Staking and Compounding
As soon as you buy Apple DAO tokens, you have signed up for automatic staking and compounding. You will earn interest on your investment, and the profits will be compounded automatically with no further action on your part.
Anti Deflationary
Inflation is the secret killer of wealth. You barely notice it reducing your buying power. Not with Apple DAO. Apple DAO burns 1% of every trading transaction by taking a burning fee. This reduction of supply deflates the token, countering inflation directly.


Apple DAO is a token with a changing supply. Interest rewards on your investment get automatically minted right before they get deposited in your wallet. The same algorithm also burns tokens to prevent inflation.

Automatic Liquidity Provision
A 5% fee on all transactions gets allocated to the decentralized liquidity pool. A larger pool means Apple DAO gets backed by more funds and will fluctuate less in price. The liquidity pool grows as more transactions get conducted, increasing the system security.
2% of buy transactions and 4% of sell
transactions get allocated to the treasury fund.
Risk-Free Value
5% of the buy and 8% of the sell transactions get allocated to the RFV fund. The RFV fund is where the interest you earn gets sourced.
Automatic Deflation
Every transaction also has a 1% fee which is automatically burned and put out of circulation. The automatic deflation mechanism helps the price of each token stay high.